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Simply put Florid-addicts.

This whole site has been set up as a place for everything Florida. It can be used for whatever reason you want. You can see what other people did, and how they did it.

Get an idea of the costs involved, and hopefully learn some tricks to make not only the most of your holiday but also your money. Florida can be one of the most amazing holidays that you will ever have but it could also be a nightmare, this site will help avoid the latter.

We are totally independant of any Travel Agency or Company involved in the travel industry, this means that what you see on here is honest opinions and not dressed up to increase the Florida vacation exodus. You may not agree with some of the stuff written but that's the point, make your own mind up.

The only income that this website will generate will come from qualified sources and reputable companies that meet the specific requirements of

Enjoy The Sunshine State.