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The following are some helpful tips on going to theme parks.

No doubt you will add more to the list.

Prepare Well.

Theme Park Tips:

Dress For Success:

Wear loose, lightweight clothing, a hat and sunglasses and comfortable shoes or sandals. Suntan lotion is a must (high SPF). The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. May through October are typically Florida�s rainy season.

Arrive Early:

Theme Parks often open early so give yourself time to park and obtain tickets. Remember parks allow guest who are staying on-site to enter at least an hour earlier than normal.

Make A Plan:

Maps are handed out at all parks, so get one. Take a few minutes before you set off around the park to plan what you want to see and when.

Take A Break Mid-Day:

Consider taking a break around mid-day, park days are long days. If you are staying on-site, go back to the hotel, if not consider sitting at one of the many restaurants on offer.

Don't Lose Friends and Family:

Arrange meeting spots and times just in case any of you get lost (trust me it's easy to). Consider giving kids ID cards it will make it easy for employees to track you down.

Children And Special Needs:

Employees at the Guest Relations booth at all of the parks should be able to answer questions and assist guests with special needs including currency exchange and wheelchair and stroller (prams) rental. Baby care stations are shown on maps.