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Florida History

Florida has an interesting past.

From Spanish, French, and English ownership, to been admitted as the 27th State of the USA.

1497 - 1514

Europeans see Florida for the first time.

Peter Martyr writes in 1514 of a land near the Bahamas with water of eternal youth.

Flag of Florida

United States of America


Spain gives up Florida for Havana. Great Britain, the new owners find St. Augustine to be a city with about 342 dwellings. Great Britain begins quest for more investors and settlers.


Great Britain returns Florida to Spain


President Andrew Jackson receives the Florida�s from Spanish authorities at Pensacola on July 17 after the 1819 agreement was ratified by both parties.


President John Tyler signs into law the act granting statehood to Florida on March 3. William D Moseley becomes the state's first governor.


The first night flight in aviation history is made by Lincoln Beachey over Tampa.


The world�s first scheduled airline service, with pilot Antony Jannus, begins service from St. Petersburg to Tampa on New Years Day.

1941 - 1945

Florida expands with World War II industry as it becomes a training ground for tens of thousands of men and women.


Frozen concentrate of citrus juices becomes a major industry.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) begins operations at Cape Canaveral where the US launch its first earth satellite, Explore 1.


The $700 million Walt Disney World opens October 1.


The Space Shuttle Challenger launces with the first American woman, Sally Ride, on board.


Hurricane Andrew hits South Florida August 24 destroying the town of homestead and parts of adjacent South Dade County.


World Cup soccer is held in the United States for the first time with Orlando hosting a series of matches in July.


"Hanging Chads". Florida became a battleground for the controversial 2000 US presidential election that led to accusations of fraud and manipulation.