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Book Your Florida Holiday

Booking your Florida holiday can be the most stressful part of your holiday.

You have a lot of choice on how to book your holiday.

Try making this a fun part of your holiday experience as it can be a minefield if you allow it to be.

Take your Time.

Booking Your Florida Holiday:

There are a few ways to book your dream Florida holiday but be very careful.

These days a lot of travel companies, resorts, and even airlines are going bust without warning.

Recent years have seen a lot of people stuck overseas when their travel company or airline went bust.

The Internet:

Most major tour operators have websites. You can book your entire holiday directly on-line.

Virgin Florida

Tui Florida

British Airway Florida

Aer Lingus Florida

If like me you prefer flight only and the ability to book everything else yourself then the following are a great resource.




Holiday Brochures:

Not one of my favourites, brochure prices are way above what you should expect to pay.

However, if a brochure holiday seems to be ideal for you it won't hurt to find out what the tour operator can offer.

Travel Agents:

Normally you will pay more for your holiday but occasionally they do have some good deals to offer.

Don't be afraid to ask. Watch out for hidden cost though, a price can look great until fuel duty, airport tax and visa waiver fees are added.

Travel Insurance:

I cannot stress enough the importance of COMPREHENSIVE travel insurance when visiting the U.S.A.

Medical treatment alone in the U.S. is very expensive, so make sure you are covered should you need a medical assistance.

Paying a little extra for COMPREHENSIVE travel insurance, will help give you peace of mind while away.



Whatever you choose please make sure you are covered if the unfortunate happens before or while you are on holiday.

Make sure whoever you book through are ABTA/ATOL approved, as well as good insurance cover.