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Florida Holiday Types

There are lots of combinations that you can have for your Florida Holiday.

People enjoy different things, that is what makes us unique.

The good news is that Florida caters to pretty much anyone's taste.

Types of Florida Holiday:

After trying many combinations, we ultimately settled on 2 Weeks at our favourite condo on the West Coast of Florida.

Like us when we first started visiting, you may want to explore first, the good thing is the choice IS yours and varied.

Single Centre Holidays

Spend your entire holiday in one place - Orlando, Disney or coastal areas.

Twin Centre Holidays

Have your first week in Orlando and your second at one of the coastal areas.

Multi Centre Holidays

Have your first 3 days in New York then 4 days in Miami then 7 days at Disney and then 7 days at St Pete's.

Cruise & Fly Drive Holidays

Combining your holiday with a fabulous all-inclusive cruise around the Gulf Of Mexico and the Caribbean. Your second week or so can be spent as you please.

Fly Drive Holidays

My favourite, just get there get your car and do as you want.

Fly Drive Holidays

My favourite, just get there get your car and do as you want.

Stay & Drive Holidays

The first part of the holiday is 100% Orlando entertainment with a week at other popular motels / hotels around Florida.

Self-Drive Tour

Your Itinerary

Days 1-5
Orlando to Fort Lauderdale - about 220 miles

Days 6-8

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale to Marathon Key - about 130 miles

Days 9-10

Marathon Key
Marathon Key to Sarasota - about 300 miles

Days 11-14

Sarasota to Orlando - about 140 miles