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Florida Currency

BE CAREFUL, US notes all look fairly similar, and are the same size and similar colour.

Always check you are taking the right note out, when using your money.

I have to say though, most people in Florida would not rip you off if you made a mistake.

U.S.A. Currency:

I would always advise to not take too much in cash, as too much can go wrong with cash.

Most of you will use your Debit or Credit card. Though they're not as common, traveller's cheques are also widely accepted.

Most banks have automated teller machines (ATMs) located at their branches, as well as at other convenient non branch locations throughout their local areas, for quick and easy withdrawal of cash.

Depending on your ATM card, you may have to pay one or more fees for a cash withdrawal outside your home area.

You can check the logos on your ATM card to see which of the payment services your card is compatible with.

Then check these against the logos displayed on your local ATM to see if your card will work on this particular ATM.



1 Dollar Bill

1 Dollar Bill (Note)

President George Washington on the front

2 Dollar Bill

2 Dollar Bill (Note)

President Thomas Jefferson on the front

5 Dollar Bill

5 Dollar Bill (Note)

President Abraham Lincoln on the front

10 Dollar Bill

10 Dollar Bill (Note)

Alexander Hamilton on the front

20 Dollar Bill

20 Dollar Bill (Note)

President Andrew Jackson on the front

50 Dollar Bill

50 Dollar Bill (Note)

President Ulysses S. Grant on the front

100 Dollar Bill

100 Dollar Bill (Note)

Benjamin Franklin on the front

1 Cent Penny

1 Cent Coin (Penny)

President Abraham Lincoln on the front

5 Cents Nickel

5 Cent Coin (Nickel)

President Thomas Jefferson on the front

10 Cents Dime

10 Cent Coin (Dime)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the front

25 Cents Quarter

25 Cent Coin (Quarter)

President George Washington on the front