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Leeds UK
Hello everyone, I am Kayleigh and I am 13, my dad says I have to do this so other kids can see how good Florida is. I have been 7 times now and each time it gets better.

I am a little nervous now when I fly but its worth it when I get there. My dad might as well be an american because he settles in straight away and its so easy for him driving over there.

The best part of Florida is the beaches and the worse is coming home, but the theme parks are great the only thing is they are huge.

I love to go on Jet Skis with my dad so long as he does not go fast. I enjoy going on a boat too but not a big one just big enough for me my mum and dad, of course my dad is the captain.

London UK
Hi There,

Your website is great and has helped me to get ready for my holidays.

I will try some of the things that you say but I will be doing disney mostly so might not get chance.

I will let you know if it was good when I com back.