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SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

Address: 7007 SeaWorld Dr.
FL 32821

Phone: (407) 545-5550

Website: Click Here

SeaWorld Orlando:

The world's premiere marine adventure park with 200 acres of world class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters.

Experience state of the art rides such as "Kraken" and "Journey to Atlantis" twist, turn, and drench guests with unprecedented thrills, while amazing animal encounters include killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and more.

Seaworld and Shamu

Sea World is not like other theme parks, you should only have to queue for! Kraken, SeaWorlds new rollercoaster Wild Arctic, a flight simulator ride and Journey to Atlantis, a fantastic rollercoaster/water chute ride.

Most of the attractions are held in large stadiums Like Shamu Stadium and there are also a lot of walk-through displays, Terrors of the Deep is one of the best. You should try to get to the shows at least 15mins before they start. The Clyde and Seamore show, is a must and before the fun starts a mime artist entertains you...I fell victim to his mickey taking.

Park Tips:
  • Plan ahead what direction around the park you will take.
  • Get there early, you will be there ALL DAY.
  • Drink Plenty of Water.
  • Take your own food, SeaWorld can be expensive.

Park Entrance Fees:
  • You need a maths degree to figure out the way theme parks price their tickets, as they vary so wildly.
  • Choosing the cheapest day is not always the best option as the park could be a lot busier.
  • Keep an eye out for ticket promotions. Be careful though, if it looks too good to be true then it will be.
  • Consider Multi-Park tickets. Discounts are available for parks within the same organisation.
  • Compare buying in your own currency or in Dollars, you would be surprised.
  • Don't forget you have to pay "State Tax". Currently it is 6%.

Parking Fees:
  • $60 per day - Preferred parking
  • $30 per day - Standard parking: car or motorcycle
  • $45 per day - Oversized Vehicle Parking: Shuttle, Limo, Camper Trailer, RV, Bus or Tractor Trailer


Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
Explore a colony of more than 250 penguins. Brace yourself for the cold as you explore the Antarctic from a penguin's point of view on this immersive family ride.

Dolphin Adventures
Join the Journey of the Bottlenose Dolphin. An all-new presentation where you will explore the exciting world of bottlenose dolphins in a way you've never experienced before.

Dolphin Cove
Come and befriend a playful group of bottlenose dolphins in one of the world's largest interactive dolphin pools. You can watch them from a distance or book Dolphin Encounter to be part of the experience for an additional charge.

Dolphin Nursery
Meet our new born dolphins. Watch as dolphin calves practice jumping, playing, and communicating with their mothers and other newborns.

Ice Breaker
The steepest beyond vertical drop in Florida. Riders will shiver through family friendly adventures on SeaWorld's first launch coaster.

Infinity Falls
The world's tallest river rapid drop. Beneath a canopy of lush green foliage and surrounded by towering trees you'll find a raft to board.

Journey to Atlantis
Travel deep into the mythical world of Atlantis. Climb into your boat to enter the lost city of Atlantis.

Orlando's only floorless rollercoaster. Kraken is themed after a massive, mythological underwater beast released from the depths of the sea.

The tallest, fastest, longest and only hypercoaster in Orlando. Stalk and chase your prey through a sunken shipwreck, your perfect hunting ground.

Manatee Rehabilitation Area
SeaWorld has rescued 734+ manatees. Peek behind the scenes of SeaWorld at our manatee rescue and rehabilitation centre.

The Only flying coaster in Florida. You're a giant manta ray gliding gracefully through the sky.

Orca Encounter
Learn more about killer whales and connect in an inspiring new way with the ocean's most powerful predator.

Pacific Point Preserve
The funniest animals at SeaWorld. Come meet California sea lions and harbour seals, some of the funniest animals at SeaWorld.

Penguin Trek
Cross the vastness of Antarctica. Escape icy cavern hazards. Discover a real penguin habitat. Prepare for the coolest family coaster mission you will ever join.

Pipeline: The Surf Coaster
Feel the power of the ocean in a whole new way on the world's first Surf Coaster.

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight
Have Fun Learning About the Lives of Marine Mammals. Enjoy a special tour through the lives of California sea lions and Asian small-clawed otters.

Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld
Take a walk down Sesame Street for the very first time, connecting your family to all of the fun, laughter and learning of the world-famous street.

Sky Tower
A SeaWorld icon since 1974. Sit back, relax and let the capsule slowly lift you into the blue Florida sky, rotating gently to give you a panoramic view.

Shark Encounter
Surround yourself with prehistoric predators. Gasp in awe as you stand just inches from a predator that has stalked the seas since before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Stingray Lagoon
Get a gentle high five from your new finned friend. Despite its name, the stingray is one of the most docile creatures in the sea.

Come get a turtle's eye view of the ocean's wonders. On your way to see TurtleTrek you'll pass two large aquariums; one with rescued manatees and the other with sea turtles.

Wild Arctic
Fly over breathtaking views of the North's icy landscapes on your way to the Arctic Base Station.