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Monarch Airlines

Established: 1st December 1961

Established: 5th June 1967

Started Operations: 5th April 1968

Ceased Trading: 2nd October 2017

Main Website:      

The Monarch Group was a firmly established, complementary group of companies in the airline industry. Monarch Airlines was one of the largest and longest established airlines in the United Kingdom.

Monarch Airlines

Its sister company, Monarch Aircraft Engineering, provided valuable support not only to Monarch's fleet but also to a number of other international airlines.

Monarch Crown Service, the scheduled flight division of Monarch Airlines, provided quality and value for independent travellers.

We flew with Monarch in 2001 and the only problem was that we were packed in like sardines. Being 6ft and 15 and a half stone this made for an uncomfortable journey.

This airline flew into Sanford Airport