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With the excitement of our holiday becoming tangible we set off for Manchester Airport me my wife and daughter and my mum and dad. I was quite uptight because I feared that we may be flying on my nemesis the DC10, I was kept waiting until I actually saw that it was to be the Airbus A330.

Having settled down I got on with the rest of the flight with the only complaint been that I had very little room to move on the plane, but it was only for 9 hours so I did not really care that much. When we landed the plan was to go to the villa just dump the luggage and go shop.

On arrival at the villa all looked well, quite nice actually, I opened the door to the screened pool and from that precise point everything went down hill. The pool furniture looked as if it had never been cleaned and the pool was full of insects that had come down from the overhead screen indicating that that too had never been cleaned and the flooring was filthy so we phoned Luxurious Florida to let them know, they said they would contact the owner to have it cleaned. That of course did not help us there and then so after a couple of hours I had cleaned everything.

By this time I was shattered, so while the rest of my family showered I decided to watch some TV, I could not find the remote so I had to use the one from the master bedroom, the remote finally turned up on our last day there.

The next day we had planned just to stay in the villa and use the pool, after a short while my daughter and mother came out of the pool complaining of sore feet. After looking we found their feet were grazed, I looked in the pool and saw what I thought was dirt in the bottom. Again we phoned Luxurious Florida to tell them, they said they would have it cleaned. At this point we found out that the owner was La Rocco Rentals

The following day we went to SeaWorld, after a good day out we came back and decided to play in the pool, after about 10 minutes I felt my feet stinging so got out and found mt toes were bleeding. Enough was enough we called Luxurious Florida and asked them to seek a partial refund as it was quite obvious that the property was not very safe, they said they would ask. The answer came back NO and that we should stop complaining.

The next day spirits were low so we decided to go shopping, on our return everybody got a shower. While my elderly father was showering the curtain rail fell down and hit him on the head. Again we phoned Luxurious Florida and asked them to tell La Rocco Rentals what had happened and that due to their hard nosed approach with us that we were considering a lawsuit against him. The answer came back "So what I have a good Attourny too"

I could not believe that two companies could behave in this way. The week carried on with toilets blocked, ants invading and various other things but by this time we were just counting down the time to getting away.

On our final night I went to shower in my shower and my father went to his, half way through lathering myself I heard frantic knocking on the bathroom door, hurriedly I got out to be told my father had fallen out of the bath. While he was showering he had slipped because there was no slip mat, as he fell, because the curtain was not attached properly he fell out of the bath bringing the curtain down on him. We called the emergency services and within minutes a Fire Engine, Paramedics and Sheriff had arrived and my father was taken to Celebration Hospital. He was checked over and was told that his back had been damaged but they could still release him.

The following day we told Luxurious Florida and asked them to tell La Rocco Rentals that the Sheriff had told us to file a lawsuit against them, the answer came back see you in court.

These two companies showed a complete disregard for customers and just assumed that we were "Whinging Brits". This is a very hard thing for me to write because it gives a dim view of Florida rentals, but these are the only two companies I have ever had a problem with, they Don't deserve to be in business and it is my sincere hope that they are soon out of business. If you find you are booked with either "BE WARNED"