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Leave Contact Details Before You Go:

Leave Contact Details with Someone Close Before You go on Your Florida Holiday.

Always make sure you are contactable before you fly to Florida.

Pack you Mobile Phone. Make sure you leave contact details with someone - Just in Case

Make sure you have "International Service" enabled on your Mobile Phone. Your network can help with this.

Check the best rates for your particular network while you are abroad.

Set up email function on your Mobile Phone if it has it.

If you plan on using a local Sim Card, check to make sure your Mobile phone is Unlocked. If your Mobile Phone is not unlocked visit our friends at they can unlock most Mobile Phones for a small charge and instantly in some cases.

Take a spare Mobile Phone just in case you lose one.

If you can, take a laptop. It will help in more ways than you can imagine especially with kids wanting FaceBook and Twitter access.

Back-Up your Laptop and Mobile Phone as they will go through magnetic security at airports. It's also a good idea in case you lose them or have them stolen.

Pack some favourite DVD's and Music CD's so the kids Don't' get bored on the rare rainy days.