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Check Your Home Before You Go:

Check Your Home Before You Go on Your Florida Holiday.

Always make sure your home is safe and sound before you fly to Florida.

Lock all doors and windows (including garage door).

Cancel all known deliveries and arrange for a neighbour to pick up anything that may be delivered.

Arrange to have all your mail held at the Post Office if your holiday is longer than the weekend (or have someone pick up your mail).

Ask a neighbour to use your rubbish bin(s).

Place several lights on automatic timer (having each light turn on and off at different times).

Turn down the ringer volume on your telephone and turn off the sound on your answering machine (constantly ringing phones and full answering machines are a sign that no one is home).

Adjust the blinds and curtains to make the house appear occupied.

Do not leave any notes attached to outside doors, or in the letterbox that indicate that you are not home.

Arrange to have the lawn cut and garden work done if you will be gone for an extended time.

Arrange for someone to check your home regularly (watering plants, feeding fish, adjusting blinds, etc.).

Make Your Pets Comfortable

Make suitable arrangements for the care of your pets. Leave a phone number where you can be reached, with a friend, neighbour, or person checking your home. The number should be one that they can easily reach you at (mobile phone, pager, hotel where staying). Trust me there is nothing worse than when your pet ignores you when you come back.

Remove ladders and other attractive nuisances from sight and lock them away.

Do not hide the house key under door mats, above door frame, under flower pots, etc...

If you have a second car, park it in the driveway. Or, ask a neighbour to park in their driveway.

If you have a monitored alarm system, notify them of your absence and scheduled return date.