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Summary of a Two Centre Holiday:

The first week in Orlando and the second week in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1995.

Time of Year:

Middle Two Weeks in June

Travel Agent:

AT Mays

Travel Operator:

Car Hire Company:

Type of Car:

Chrysler Neon - Equivalent to a Vauxhall Astra. I really enjoyed driving this car and I think Chrysler knew it would do well in Britain because the year after it was released for sale here.


Broadway Motel, Kissimmee (now closed).

Located at the further end of Highway 192 its ideal if you want to be away from all the hustle and bustle, but close enough to everything you need. Still only a 20 min drive to Disney. Kmart (Like Asda) is only a minute away.

Holiday Inn, St Pete's (now closed).

Located at the bottom of US 19 its about 15 min from the beach of St Pete's. Again, everything you need is close at hand, Kmart, Burger King, Wendys etc. There is a beautiful marina next to it with some stunning yachts.

Holiday Comments:

This been my first holiday overseas I was not quite sure how I would take to Florida; I need not have worried. The one lesson I did learn was that I did not like been restricted to the Motels given in the package. Don't get me wrong they were both really nice Motels but my adventurous spirit was thwarted by been in one place. I decided thereafter that a Fly Drive package was better suited to me.

Family Rating:

MyDreamFlorida Florida InformationMyDreamFlorida Florida InformationMyDreamFlorida Florida Information

We learned a lot and could not wait to get back and do Florida our way. For us a Fly Drive seemed to be the best way to see Florida without the restriction of staying in one Motel.