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Although Florida tourism is getting back to what it used to be, here in the UK many people think that a holiday to Florida is way beyond their budget. Most people here just dream about the magic rather than seeing it for real. It is our intention to give UK residents a chance to realise their dreams by giving them all the information they will need to have a wonderful holiday in Florida.

To maintain and grow this site we are going to need help, this is where our Marketing expertise comes in. The times that we have vistited Florida we have noticed that some places attract UK visitors more than others. It seemed to me that a lot of other places were missing out on a revenue stream because they were not advertised well here in the UK. This is where we come in.

The following is a list of services that we can offer: -

Sponsored Page: If a page is of direct interest to you we will consider sponsorship of that page. e-mail us for further information.

Own page on site: Get your business or attraction a full page devoted to you. We will build a page totally dedicated to you and with all the information you want on it. At the moment there are no limits to its size or wording, so go for it..... e-mail us for quote.

Marketing Activity can undertake all types of marketing activity including Newspaper Advertising, Design, Direct Mail and Bulletin Mailers.

Reciprocal Links Add our link to your site and let us know by e-mail where it is and we will reciprocate by adding your link. e-mail us for quote.

Banner Advertising We will consider only certain Banner Adverts on our site. This is at our discretion and we will consider carefully all requests. e-mail us for further information.