Booking Your Florida Holiday

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Book Your Florida Holiday There are a few ways to book your dream Florida holiday but be very careful. These days a lot of travel companies as well as airlines are going bust.

2010 saw a lot of people stuck overseas when their travel company or airline went bust.

Holiday BrochuresNot one of my favourites, brochure prices are way above what you should expect to pay.

However if a brochured holiday seems to be ideal for you it wont hurt to find out what the tour operator can offer.
TeletextThere are a lot of companies who advertise on the Teletext service. Although at first I was not very keen to use this method I have found that these companies are more receptive to your unique needs. I have also found them to be very professional about the way they respond with your tickets etc.

They are all pretty much as good as one another. I normally book 4 to 6 weeks before I expect to fly but you might be more daring. Please ensure that if booking through Teletext or indeed anywhere that the company is ABTA approved, this way you will be covered if anything goes wrong.
The InternetMost major tour operators have websites. You can book your entire holiday on-line. They offer greatly reduced holidays with it been on-line as well. If it worries you about giving your credit card details on-line think of this....You would fax or speak the details over the same line.

Main Ones:

Monarch Florida
First Choice Florida
Thomas Cook Florida
Thomson Florida
Virgin Florida

Others include:

Travel City Direct
Ocean Florida

Travel AgentsAgain these guys charge more for your holiday but occasionally they do have some good deals to offer. Dont be afraid to ask. Watch out for hidden cost though, a price can look great until fuel duty, airport tax and visa waiver fees are added.
TelevisionThere are a number of channels on satellite and cable TV channels devoted to holidays. Again these guys charge more for your holiday but occasionally they do have some good deals to offer. Again watch out for additional fees.
Whatever you choose please make sure you are covered if the unfortunate happens before or while you are on holiday.

Make sure whoever you book through are ABTA/ATOL approved, ABTA ATOL as well as good insurance cover.