Stay Contactable on your holiday:

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Leave Contact Details Before You Go on Your Florida Holiday.

Always make sure you are contactable before you fly to Florida.

1 Pack you Mobile Phone. Make sure you leave contact details with someone - Just In Case
2 Make sure you have "International Service" enabled on your Mobile Phone. Your network can help with this.
3 Check the best rates for your particular network while you are abroad.
4 Set up email function on your Mobile Phone if it has it.
5 If you plan on using a local Sim Card check to make sure your Mobile phone is Unlocked. If your Mobile Phone is not unlocked visit our friends at they can unlock most Mobile Phones for a small charge and instantly in some cases.
6 Take a spare Mobile Phone just in case you lose one.
7 If you can, take a Laptop. It will help in more ways than you can imagine especially with kids wanting FaceBook and Twitter access.
8 Back-Up your Laptop and Mobile Phone as they will go through magnetic security at airports. Its also a good idea in case you lose them or have them stolen.
9 Pack some favourite DVD's and Music CD's so the kids dont' get bored on the rare rainy days.

Try Our Checklist for Your Florida Holiday