Busch Gardens Tampa:

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Busch Gardens Tampa BayBusch Gardens Tampa Bay

Address: 10165 North McKinley Drive
FL 33612

Phone: 1 (888) 800-5447

Website: Click Here

Guests of all ages have a variety of experiences exploring this 300-acre family entertainment park. The most popular attraction on Florida’s west coast.

Visitors experience a unique combination of thrilling rides, zoological habitats and live entertainment.
Busch Garden Crocodiles

Park Tips:
  • Plan ahead what direction around the park you will take.
  • Get there early, you will be there ALL DAY.
  • Drink Plenty of Water.
  • Take your own food, Busch Gardens can be expensive.
Park Entrance Base Fees:
  • Adult - $ 78.00
  • Child - $ 70.00
(Price subject to change) Parking Fees:
  • $14.00 - General parking for cars and motorcycles
  • $16.00 - General parking for buses, trucks and recreation vehicles
  • $21.00 - Preferred parking
  • $27.00 - Valet Parking

The largest inverted roller coaster in the Southeast, with speeds approaching 60 miles per hour and 3.85G.

Cheetah Hunt
This new generation of thrills emerges from the crossroads where up close animal encounters and awe inspiring rides come together.

The largest and fastest top riding steel coaster in the Southeast.

Serengeti Railway
A ride on the Serengeti Railway is one of the best ways to take in the breathtaking beauty and scale of Busch Garden's Serengeti Plain.

Congo River Rapids
Sit in this 12 person innertube and ride the rapids.

Rhino Rally
Hop aboard a wild jeep tour that takes you through the wilds of Africa.

It's not a dream - or a nightmare. It's SheiKra: A fierce, floorless, blazing-fast thriller in the heart of Busch Gardens.

A new wooden double roller coaster.

Sand Serpent
Travel to Timbuktu and you'll find young kids' favorite ride in the park, Sand Serpent, formerly Cheetah Chase.

Stanleyville Falls
Log Flume.

Consistently voted one of the world's top roller coasters by enthusiasts around the world, this legendary beast takes you from hair raising heights to absolute weightlessness through seven inversions.

Features three 360 degree spirals.

Tanganyika Tidal Wave
Prepare to get wet ----- very wet.
A is for Africa
A musical performance that brings tales of imagination and adventure to life with Elmo and his friends.

Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy
The Broadway Hit, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy comes to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay this winter for a limited engagement.

Critter Castaways
When our expert animal trainers turned their attention toward some rescued and shelter animals in need of a home, a show was born.

Let's Dance Featuring Burn the Floor
From the high energy samba and rumba to the graceful beauty of the waltz, see the dancers' passion captured in this hot, contemporary ballroom performance now through May 1.

Sesame Street 4-D
Playing in Timbuktu’s 4-D theater, Sesame Street presents “Lights, Camera, Imagination!” features Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and other lovable Sesame Street characters trying to save the Sesame Street Film Festival.

Pirates 4-D
A swashbuckling 4-D comedy for the entire family, the Caribbean caper combines the latest 4-D special-effects technology with multi-sensory theater effects to thrill guests of all ages in this treasure-hunt adventure.

Sweet Music: The Sounds of the Motor City
The Sounds of the Motor City features more than a dozen singers and dancers paying tribute to popular songs of the Motown era.
Other Attractions
King Tut's Tomb
Pint size adventurers will jump at the chance to dig for real buried treasure at a perfect replica of King Tut's tomb.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun
Come join everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends on a family friendly Safari adventure where the rhythms of Africa are sprinkled with giggles.

Bird Gardens
Marvel at the breathtaking beauty and cheery calls of some 500 tropical birds from around the world as they paint the sky with a rainbow of brilliant colors in this free flight aviary.

Edge of Africa
Embark on a walking safari through Edge of Africa and encounter exotic African animals in naturalistic habitats, including hippos, lions, hyenas, lemurs, meerkats, crocodiles and lappet-faced vultures.

Jambo Junction
At Jambo Junction, you can participate in animal feedings, lessons in husbandry and behavior training. Featured animals include Caribbean flamingos, lemurs, cuscuses, sloths and opossums.

Have you ever been close enough to a Bengal tiger to feel the hair on the back of your neck rise? Or ridden a zip-line through a rainforest? Or looked an orangutan in the eye from a jungle outpost?

Lory Landing
This interactive, free-flight habitat is home to some of the most brilliantly colored birds you'll meet. Step inside with a cup of fruit fresh nectar from our stand and you'll have an instant arm-load of some newfound feathered friends.

Myombe Reserve
Enter a lush forest habitat where gorillas and chimpanzees can be found enjoying life to the fullest as they live and play in a natural environment.

Rhino Rally
Hop aboard a wild jeep tour that takes you through the wilds of Africa. It's an off road adventure that combines the thrill of an African safari with the exhilaration of going up close with exotic animals as you trek across the wide open veldt.

Serengeti Plain
Observe hundreds of exotic animals from a variety of perspectives. Enjoy a passing scene from our Serengeti Express Railway. Get a bird's eye view from the Skyride. Take a truck tour of the plains on a Serengeti Safari.

Walkabout Way
Discover unique animals indigenous to the Land Down Under at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s new Walkabout Way, an immersive animal attraction. Hand feed kangaroos and free-roaming wallabies, laugh along with a kookaburra and meet other Australian animals.