Fly Drive Florida Holiday Orlando and Madeira Beach:

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Summary of a Fly Drive Holiday:

The first week in Orlando and the second week in St. Petersburg Florida in 2001.

Time of Year Last Two Weeks in July
Travel Agent Choice Air Holidays (Teletext)
Travel Operator Monarch
Landing Airport Orlando Sanford Airport - SFB
Car Hire Company Dollar
Type of Car Dodge Caravan Sport. 7 people, people carrier surprisingly comfortable and lots of room. Very easy to drive.
Accommodation Villa. For the first week. This one was at Indian Point just south of Highway 192. For location this area is perfect. However the villa turned out to be a horrendous nightmare see HORROR STORY

Week 2 was spent in a condo on the Isla Del Sol which is an island community just south of St Petes Beach (about 5 Minutes). For me if one word could sum up this place its PERFECTION. Its positioned on a golf course and the condo's are suprisingly roomy, its biggest advantage is it is very close to Fort DeSoto my own little piece of paradise. One word of caution though --- take lots of Mosquito repellant you WILL need it.
Holiday Comments Week 1 was a right off, see HORROR STORY. Week 2 kind of made up for it although the pressures of the previous week really put a strain on it. In future I think we will probably spend all our time at St Petes or Clearwater and just drive to the parks in Orlando when needed.
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