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Updated January 2013

  Name: Kindred Hospital Ocala
  Address: 1500 SouthW. 1st Ave 5th Floor
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34474  Kindred Hospital Ocala
  Phone: (352) 369-0513   Website: Click Here for Info
  Name: Marion-Citrus Mental Health Centers
  Address: 5664 SouthW. 60th Ave
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34474  Marion-Citrus Mental Health Centers
  Phone: (352) 291-5500   Website: Click Here for Info
  Name: Munroe Regional Medical Center
  Address: 1500 SW 1st Ave
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34471  Munroe Regional Medical Center
  Phone: (352) 351-7200   Website: Click Here for Info
  Name: Ocala Regional Medical Center
  Address: 1431 SouthW. 1st Ave
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34471  Ocala Regional Medical Center
  Phone: (352) 401-1000   Website: Click Here for Info
  Name: The Vines Hospital
  Address: 3130 SouthW. 27th Ave
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34471  The Vines Hospital
  Phone: (352) 671-3130   Website: Click Here for Info
  Name: West Marion Community Hospital
  Address: 4600 SouthW. 46th Ct.
  City: Ocala
  Zip Code: FL 34474  West Marion Community Hospital
  Phone: (352) 291-3000   Website: Click Here for Info